Terms & Conditions

+ At this time, I am only working with Blogger platforms.

+ Payment is only taken through PayPal.
+ Payment is due in full before design work begins.
+ When payment is submitted, the client is agreeing to my terms and conditions.

Process & Communication:
+ The design process can take anywhere from a few days to over a week. Time = Quality... and I guarantee quality to all my clients, so please allow for the time.
+ I can communicate frequently via email and text. I will allow an initial quick phone call to communicate  exact wishes, but more phone calls will require compensation, unless I initiate them.
+ I require my clients to be open and available throughout the design process. Communication is key!
+ To start the process, email me AND fill out my design form that can be found under the design packages page.
+ The design is technically started when payment is received.
+ You will be included throughout the entire design process.

+ At the time of installation, I require your user name and password. Once the design is installed, the information will be deleted. It is YOUR personal and confidential information and will be treated as such.

+ Each client will be allotted two (2) free or unpaid revisions during the design process.
+ After installation of the client's design, any minor revisions (which are determined at the discretion of the designer) will cost $10 per revision.
+ If the designer (that is me) feels like a revision requires more time or is not a minor revision, the client will be charged an hourly rate of $10 per hour.

Design Credits and Alterations:
There will be NO ALTERING to my designs. Period.
+ The ONLY exception will be if the client has bought the rights to the design from me, the designer.
+ There will be a link added at the bottom of the blog design linking to my blog design website. This gives me credit for my work and allows others to find me through my work.
+ This link is to remain on the blog while my design is on the blog. No ifs ands or buts about it dears.

Right of Refusal:
+ I, as the designer, have the right to refuse to take on a client or to not design a blog based on my own personal preference and without explanation to the client.
+ If the client or designer decide to terminate the design after work has started, there will be an hourly rate of $10 per hour worked on the blog resulting in a  minimum deposit of $30 that will be due to the designer for work and time already committed.